Did you know?


I was telling my gran about this the other day and found this picture today on Pinterest.
This little colour squares or rectangles on toothpaste and many other products actually tell you whether or not the product is indeed good for you. Don’t be fooled by ‘health’ and ‘All natural’ labels. Thats just marketing. These teeny weeny colour products really tell you whats what. I was in a health store the other day and guess what had a black square?
…. An ‘Organic’ cream.
I know especially in South Africa and probably most of the world in general, the laws and restrictions on ingredients in products for home, food and beauty are very relaxed, and most often consumers are 100% unaware of what they are really eating, sleeping on, wearing or breathing in.

My eyes were opened by this amazing lady who is on a mission to educate people on WHATS REALLY GOING ON. Check her out here or here

The Story of Stuff, is a must see for everyone, every where so spread the word peeps!


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