The final result! Humming bird tattoo

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My finished tattoo’s. What an experience! I am so happy I did it and it has ment so much to me the support I have received from friends and family.

It really is quite an experience. I was a little nervous about the reports of pain, but my experience was completely pain free. I would describe it as someone drawing with a pen on my skin. BUT! because it was such a new environment and experience for me and the suspense! My skin broke out in a heat rash! It was hilarious! I was fine but my body had a nervous break down. Haha!

My friend had a dream catcher covering her back which took four hours and she still had to go back.
I sat with her for the duration of her tattoo and really got to absorb the experience as mine took 10minutes max.
We had it done by Shaun Dean from Emerald Fox Tattoo, you can see their facebook page here

I also went and did a little research into the history of women and tattoo’s, as it is interesting to me how it use to be such a taboo thing and now it is so normal and socially accepted.

The first tattooed lady – Nora Hildebra

The first lady tattoo artist – Mrs Wagner
Mrs Wagner
More on the history of tattooed ladies click here


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