Garden box

My husband got a bee in his bonnet yesterday to whip up this awesome box for our herbs we recently planted in pots.
We get a lot of wind in Glencairn and any herbs we plant either tend to get blown away (literally) or just die because they just can’t cope, so this was our plan of action to prevent future herb deaths.

He made a very simple crate box. Get a step-by-step of how to make one here
Since crates have become quite a fashion piece it is better to make them yourself then to buy them in my humble DIY opinion.

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When I planted this guy the packet said ‘Mixed Lettuce’. I am not convinced that this is infact lettuce. It tastes horrible and I have never seen lettuce grow like this. So we just letting it do it’s thing and see what it does. And idea of what it could be?


This is my celery plant I grew from a celery stub. Old post here

7 8

When ever we do something our pets follow us around and watch in fascination. Probably thinking ‘crazy humans’.


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