Gardening with pallets

I have a bunch of old pallets I have collected over the years. Great big plans I had for them which ended up leaving them under the house, taking up space (our house is on stilts).
I think this weekend I am going to get the green spark and plant some herbs by utilising those pallets.

Here are some ideas I have found, which I think are easy enough, and fun.

And this is just amazing. Old tins recycled into herb pots. Although I have found that these tins get rusty and leek badly after a while. Good idea to line it with plastic and not over water.

I also love this idea of recycling plastic bottles as mini green house pot plants.
We live in quite a windy area and this protects the fragile plants, as well as creates a ‘warm house’ effect, but make sure it is secure and a big gust of wind will blow it away otherwise.


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