The scatter cushion dilemma

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So my dilemma is this.
To buy scatter cushions? Or to make skatter cushions?
These days couch cushions have become a trending item (quite a bit in Cape Town…especially)
And don’t get me wrong the Cape Town designers are rocking it with their designs! Well done you lot! Especially SkinnylaMinx, Unwrapped, Meekel, Steli. The list goes on and on and…you get the story.

But I am a designer, and a DIY home maker, so why the hell and I even sitting on online shops drooling over these designer cushions costed well over my budget?

I want a cushion to cost R50 and be amazing because I made it that way. I have made cushions before (and I don’t have a sewing machine on top of it) but I can crochet like a demon on fire and I know the trick of picture transfer onto to fabric. Plus I have been struggling to think of what to do with the up-and-coming christmas present question.


I think this is a challenge accepted! Cushions under R50 that blow your mind! My ideas are above. Watch this space!


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