Grass is greener… right here

Sometimes I get a bit caught in the small things of daily life (like the long distance I have to travel to work and back) or how other people’s lives appear, either on the blogs I follow, or friends ect.

And sometimes I actually have to stop for five seconds and look at my own life. Everything I have around me, and what myself and my husband have created together. I am one dam lucky girl… I tell you what.

Yes there are complaints, and I wish this was different or I REALLY want that. But right now in this very moment I am so content and happy, and that is actually all the time, even if I forget about it. I realize I sometimes forget to appreciate the small things, like an getting home from work and sitting together on the balcony listening to the neighborhood. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Its a piece of heaven. Waking up on an early Saturday morning and taking the dog for a walk on Glencairn beach before anyone in the area has even woken up. I LOVE THAT TOO.

I repeat… I am one lucky girl… I tell you what!

Some pictures
399915_10152781618790263_1138132973_n 487956_10152550647820263_817675235_n 523457_10153110064080263_646943662_n 533770_10153228633610263_1607440278_n 734293_10152843304375263_2124621309_n 922714_10152842210415263_176091687_n 944124_10152850561980263_799240351_n 1186232_10153249546575263_1399203338_n 1383959_10153415351630263_1894160115_n 1392792_10153374535220263_1233281755_n 1450842_10153414245270263_1630649439_n 1453450_10153424576955263_1691105323_n


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