Wedding message in a bottle


I got this idea for my wedding from a friend. Its recycled glass bottles that have your anniversary date, and your wedding guests write messages for each date. Either a message of love, or words of advice. Or as I am sure after the amount of wine consumed and then message written by some of our friends, incoherent babbling and unreadable scribbles. haha!
Fun times.

As each of these anniversaries come to pass we break open the appropriate bottle and read the messages our friends and family wrote to us on our wedding day.

We have the bottles displayed in our lounge and they are a happy reminder of the past and the future. I would highly recommend this idea for your wedding day as it costs literally nothing (depending on how decorated you want your bottles) and brings a personal touch to your special day.

This is how I made mine.
Collect your bottles.
I decided to go small to large, with the first year anniversary bottle being a small beer bottle and the 20 year a large wine bottle.
You can opt for all the same size or an assortment of sizes. What ever suits you best.
Chalk board paint, which you can find in most hardware stores, was my first choice to paint the bottles as I already had a can in the cupboards and you can use chalk pens to illustrate the numbers.
A moment of genius struck me, however, when I was painting my nails to instead of using chalk pens, rather use nail polish!
My sister inlaw had over 20 colors and we had a fantastic time designing the bottles.
My wedding dress was my grandmothers dress when she got married, and which she actually made herself.
It was so wonderful to have her see me in it and see her dress be admired and reloved. Was so special.
DSC_6477-copy8 9 10 11


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