In Good Company

Now I am the kind of person who walks into a shop, sees something, and thinks, “I can make that.” And goes home and makes it.
But this time I stepped into In Good Company and spent the next 15 minutes squealing, pointing, jumping up and down, and sighing (lots of ahhhhhhhhs! and oooooooo’s)

I got an invitation to go back the next day for their opening and very uncharacteristically  spent a small fortune on goodies for my wedding. I am also planning on going back with my mother and further breaking the bank.

2013-06-10 08.37.13-1 2013-06-10 08.38.20-1 2013-06-10 08.39.14-1 2013-06-10 08.40.55-1 2013-06-10 08.45.57 2013-06-10 08.45.31-1


The store is just outside Cavendish and has its own two parking bays. Very welcoming window display, and as you step in the door the first thing you say to yourself is, “Uho, I’m in trouble, there are too many nice things in here.”

These are just some of the things I am planning on getting my next trip to my new favorite Cape Town gift shop


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