Crochet scratch post

My cats. I love them to bits. But cats are cats. They scratch. I don’t like those typical scratch posts sold in shops. They are also quite expensive. So is replacing a couch. My solution to the problem? Crochet a scratch post using string and colorful leather cord, and turn my staircase into a statement scratch post piece. Just add catnip and Tadaaa!



2 thoughts on “Crochet scratch post

  1. This is an amazing idea! My cat cannot get her head around the scratching post we got her…why use that when she can use jeans? The best ones are ones that are being worn…

  2. Our one cat has taken to leaping all fours at my fiancé, when he’s wearing jeans its ok, when he’s not – ouch! But they give such an innocent sweet look it’s impossible to be angry! “sigh”

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