Ink blot art (Forgetmeknot style)



Ink blotting is not only for people in therapy.
People who constantly proclaim “But I am not arty!”
Try this out.
There are a few methods.

  1. The Rorschach test method
  2. The pouring paint on paper and using your fingers as paint brushes
  3. The toiletroll method. (Seen below)

1 2 3 4 5 6
After paint has dried take a look at the shaped and images that form in the paint. Sometimes you can see people, faces, animals etc. Try to draw what you see and you will create a piece of art thats completely.
Another method is to combine a sketch image or photo by feeding the paper through the printer (hence the make sure the paint is dry warning). This will create a photomontage which is similar to what I have created below with the paint and bird sketches.7


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