Eco potter

I decided New Years Eve called for some new seeds planted (basil/chili peppers/pepper) and a few new tricks for hydrating the plants.
Now I am not the kind of person to pretend like I came up with all these ideas. I Pinterest A LOT.
As I was potting then these ideas I had stored away somewhere in my brain came back to me.
If you want to see more about re-using glass/plastic bottles click here or here or here

To explain what’s going on here. I don’t like spending money (on unnecessary things). So I always ask myself, “What can I use that I already have?”
This time I chose to reuse water and soda bottles for my soil scoop and a nifty soil hydrating idea.
The scoop is so simple. Just cut the shape you want and use the lid as the handle.
The hydrating bottles I am trying two different ways.
1. Plastic bottle with tiny holes pricked with a needle on the cap and close to the lid. Cut in half and placed cap down into the soil.
2. Glass Coke bottle with only on the cap, filled with water and placed cap down. This idea, you will need to refill the bottle when empty.

I want to see which one works better and will keep you posted on my results.
The idea is to not have to water every day but maintain hydrated plants. =)



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