XMAS presents done!

I kinda started my own christmas tradition a few years ago – refusing to buy xmas present, rather making them myself.
The result was that my family have come to expect (some demand) they get them every year, and I am more then happy to keep the tradition going.
This year I decided my signature Lavender Lemonade and a new item – sweet onion jam.
Some might say “Onion jam – Yuck!” (actually some of my family have actually said that when they heard what I was thinking of making)
But it is an unusual and quite tastey addition to cold meat sandwiches, and even meat roasts.
I did a bit of research on google for the best and simplest recipe and this is the one I chose.

My signature Pink Lemonade I used this Martha Stewart recipe you can see here.
Most of the time, however, I follow recipes vaguely and add my own ingredients or quantity as I see fit. Just go by your own taste judgement.

2012-12-24 14.22.35For the onion jam and lavender lemonade I gathered glass jars and bottles throughout the year so to avoid buying tons of jars in the christmas rush season. Its important to disinfect and deodorize bottles. I soak mine in a bucket of hot water and a cup of white vinegar. Works perfectly. Remove old lables on the jars by leaving to soak in the hot water and vinegar for a while. The labels will peal off easily. If you find some stubborn bits simply rub with soap and a sponge.

2012-12-24 14.29.38
Onion jam done! Now the lemonade.2012-12-24 14.34.03 2012-12-24 14.35.04 2012-12-24 14.36.55
Its amazing to watch the lavender flowers make everything to pink. You’ll hear many oooooo’s and aaaaaa’s if you make this for a gift for someone. As if you are a magician or something. =)  2012-12-24 14.42.36
I have a personalize stamp that lets me make up any word I want. You get get them at any CNA or Write shop if you live in South Africa.
Paper doileys are so much fun to wrap presents with and a bit of gold ribbon adds the christmas touch.
2012-12-24 14.47.59 2012-12-24 14.49.06


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