Picture Perfect Transfer

My warm spring morning consists of sitting on my balcony studio and making my scrabble coasters for an order all the way from Norway!
I am using my favorite Picture Perfect paste and print outs of scrabble letters (reversed)
Transferring is so easy and fun.

4 Steps

Step 1: Either paint the paste on what you are transferring to, or onto the paper (over the picture part)

Step 2: The paper must go face down onto the object you are transferring to. And if it is a word very important to reverse image. Once on gently flatten with either hand or nifty roller (just bought mine! So fun!)

Step 3: Let the good old sun do its job by drying it out.
First timers leave it overnight otherwise you will be impatient and not let it dry properly and then rub the whole picture off with your eagerness. 😉

Step 4: Is wetting the paper with a sponge and rubbing the paper away till the image is the only thing left  and the paper is every where else (its messy, deal with it).

My word coasters are still drying but to see an old tutorial of mine click here

To see more word coasters click here
or here
or here


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Transfer

  1. Hi! Lovely post in Dalaand I would like to know something that puzzles me…can you help?….are you printing your letters onto white paper or see through transfer paper? If white paper how do you get the natural wood to show through? Are you a South African living abroad? thanks for your explanations..!

    • Hi Tina. Yes it is plain ordinary white paper I use. The white is not a color so it does not show when transferring. The wood will automatically show through any white part of the image. That’s why its also good to use contrasting bright colors as they show best. I am south african still in south africa =) born and raised. Thanks for your comment – Hope that helped?

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