Apple pin cushion tutorial

I have always wanted to have one and finally did it.
I used all scrap material and total time to make it was 10 minutes.
(It took a little more time to put all the pin in!)

Step 1: Cut rough circle, don’t even bother drawing or marking. The rougher the quicker.

Step 2: Thread red or similar color cotton around the edge and pull to make a sack. Again, don’t worry about being perfect.

Step 3: Stuff with what ever is closest to you, off-cuts, wool, cotton, fabric, trash. You name it – shove it in!

Step 4: By the opening attach two fabric leaves and a brown felt stalk.

Step 5: Keep threading until opening is completely closed.

Step 6: Continue the thread through to the bottom and make a cross stitch, then bring the needle back to the top and gently pull tight so that an indent is made.

Step 7: Make a pretty leaf pattern with remaining thread.

Step 8: Sit back and admirer your work.

Step 9: Put pins and needles in.




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