Scrabble transfer tutorial

Step 1. Use Dala Picture Perfect to what ever you are wanting to transfer, (wood, fabric, canvas). Be generous! Many tutorials tell you to put the paste onto the paper. Its up to you. I prefer to do it this way as it illuminates wrinkles and air bubbles.

Step 2: If you are using words in you picture remember to reverse the image. The image must be placed face down onto your chosen material. Be careful to not get air bubbles. Take your time.

Step 3: Flatten paper onto your canvas either using your hand or a flat object such as a credit card or cardboard. Here you do not need to press to hard or worry if the paper bubbles slightly and does not look perfect. Only try to avoid wrinkling or damaging the paper. Leave to dry overnight or in the sun for a while. Patience is key here.

Step 4: Spray water over the top and let soak for a little bit. Begin to tear at edges and gradually using your finger or a sponge rub the paper away. If you did not use enough paste or let it dry properly, at this point the image will rub away too. If it does, stop and let it dry again.
Once I have taken the first layer of paper off I usually let it dry again, and then repeat spray water, rub. Repeat until all paper fibers are rubbed away. You can also do more then one at the same time, get a production going.

Step 5: Last step is to varnish. Use any varnish you like. The one I have chosen is Dala Deco Varnish High Gloss. This gives a real shine and smooth feeling to the touch. I have tried other varnishes that resulted in an unfinished look. Go for high gloss. Have fun!
For coasters glue brightly colored felt on the back.


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