Distressed Photo Wood Canvas

The last few months orders have been sharply increasing for my personalized wood art. I now finally have a name for it since I stumbled on this new blog deliacreates.blogspot.com 

Distressed photo canvas except I use wood instead of canvas. A nice eco touch.
If you are interested in making it yourself check out the step-by-step process on deliacreates blog.
The product they use Golden Gel Mediums I found out you can get at Deckle Edge for R150.
It is a superior product to what I have been using and am so excited to make many more projects!
Check out my latest ones on www.forgetmeknot.co.za


3 thoughts on “Distressed Photo Wood Canvas

  1. Hi, could u plse give me some advice. I have been doing transfers onto wood with scrap paper. I use a gel medium. However when I rub the white away, sometimes bits of the desing also come off. What can I do to avoid this. Tx Sonneke

    • Hi Sonneke. I get the same problem all the time. The trick it to let the paste completely dry (give it a day). Next is to be very generous with the gel (you can never use too much. Lastly it is very important when rubbing the damp paper to go very slowly and preferable use your fingers instead of a sponge. I find sponges too rough. You will also need not beat yourself up when bits of the picture do rub away as its all part of the ‘distressed look’ and gives it that arty look. Let me know if you are still struggling. My email is hi@forgetmeknotcpt.co.za

      • Tx for coming back to me. It seems to be trial and error. I have found a website Above the Mark.com, which have a whole section on transfers and some good advice if u are interested. Have a good weekend. Sonneke

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