Noordhoek beach. The new rubbish dump

Monday, Nic, valentine and I went to Noordhoek beach. It was so gorgeous to see our dog so happy and free. In the past my father and I would always pick litter up that we found on our walks and so I decided to ‘pick it up again’.
We got so into it, and the more we picked the more we saw.
It was actually quite sad that there was so much rubbish. My bag weighed 3kg’s at the end! (I know cos I use 2kg weight in my workouts)
When we got back to the car I noticed how the bin was overflowing with rubbish, and people have become oblivious because it is too overwhelming.
People also seem more concerned of the dog poo then the broked glass and underwear strewn every where. Strange?
I took the bag home and made a sculpture out of it, that I will now use for my displays. Pic to come.


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