Cape Town generates 2kg of rubbish per person per day

 That amounts to several millions of tonnes of garbage daily. And most of this ends up in the City’s three landfill sites.
You may not know it, but once in the landfill, rubbish takes an amazing length of time to decompose

  • Aluminium cans take about 200 years
  • Plastic over 1 000 years
  • Glass and styrofoam over 1 000 000 years! 

 And while this is happening, toxic chemicals are released that pollute our air, water and earth.
Think about this every time you throw that unnecessary waste into the big.
Think could I reuse this for something else?
Or, why did I buy this just to throw it away? 

The more you do this the less trash you will give Mr Garbage man when he comes to collect.
Tried, tested and proven!


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