Yesterday was our first day in our new studio (my converted garage)! Its cozy, warm, dry and doesn’t look half bad. We can now sit together and have tea and cookies, and make beautiful things all day long. I have two new recruits Veronica (left) and Gloria (right). They are sisters and are both from Malawi. They’re pic and info will soon be added to the team page on my website
Even Valentine (my dog) enjoyed a snooz under the table while be made handbags.


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  1. Hmmm…looks and sounds nice and cozy (especially the tea and cookies) 🙂 You are quite fortunate to have a studio (even if its only the garage)…one designated place for working. Unlike me who works on any possible surface all around the house…not good for the overall aesthetics thereof :-)All the best for you and your team!

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